Thursday, 15 October 2015

Weight Loss

To be honest i am speaking from all time personal experience, if you're under twelve then don't care about your weight. I mean seriously I was never "fat" or "thin" I was always a normal weight and my height affected my weight for my age but i know how you always think of those skinny bikini body ready all year round girls but if you love food you just can't handle it, when you hit about the age of twelve or thirteen you actually get bored of your food phase and want to eat less so when i turned thirteen i stopped eating so much, i started eating very much less but never starving myself i just put down my portion of junk food from about one or two times a week to once a week or every other week, i started moving more, i literally used to be on the computer all day so i started getting up to do most things rather than telling the maid to do them, i started to go the gym more but not on a daily or weekly basis, we have a gym in our home so i go in whenever i'm feeling like it and stay for about a half an hour a day or something like that, so i wanted to help whoever needed it to lose the weight, let's get started!

1- Change the way you eat : Eat less than a lot and eat healthy than junk food but treat yourself once every week or two.

2- Make your daily portion of chips and candy from five to zero, but take a small chocolate once every two days or a big one once every four days.

3- Healthy breakfast ideas are grilled or toasted toast (yes there is a difference, that is what toasters are made for.) and scrambled eggs with whatever you want in it as long as it's not cheese.

4- Jumping jacks and crunches are two of the best ways to lose weight and keep toned.

5- Use "PumpUp" an awesome app that helps you get a weight loss, toning or just being healthy work out.

6- You HAVE to do Zumba and Yoga.

7- If you smoke, please please please stop, i have done it once in my life, it was awful, it was unhealthy even if it's addictive you should stay away from it.

8- Music. Music while working out or just free dancing will help you lose weight in no time.

9- Running, jogging, walking, all of them will benefit you in many ways, exercise or warm-up.

10- When you order junk food, NEVER EVER EVER super-size it.

11- No eating after nine PM, cut that habit it is what helps reduce sleep and gaining weight.

12- Granola, soft creamy yogurt and any of your favorite fruit in a bowl is a healthy and VERY tasty snack.

13- Avocado's and healthy fats. I don't have to say anything else.

Thank you for reading babes, promise I'll put something up tomorrow bye!!

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