Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sour Skittles

Sour Skittles

Let me tell you this, I'm the girl who would normally be blogging in her room in the dark, wrapped in her blanket like a burrito stuffing unsalted peanuts, pizza flavored lays chips, sour skittles and a diet coke in my mouth but today I am not in the mood for that which is honestly very shocking considering that's all I used to do before I bought the Just Dance 2015 CD and I will defiantly get into that in another post.

For reasons I can't exactly let out, I will not be saying my real name, it's actually a bummer but instead of coming up with a completely boring name I'll just go with Stranger because it's weird and random and I bet it was the first thing that came to me after McDonald's and my bed. I am Muslim you guys so please do not judge me on that, really I'm genuinely a nice person to everyone I meet, I am not against Christianity in any way so please don't be offended by anything I say.

I want to start this beautiful friendship with a great big introduction, my name is stranger I am a thirteen year old taco loving, sour skittles eating, diet coke drinking, prankster. Yes. I love pranking people, so don't mess with me. I love horror movies, dancing, sour skittles, pizza flavored Lays, McDonald's, diet coke, writing, pranking and the list can go on till after I'm buried under ground. My favorite TV shows are The vampire diaries and Days of our lives. I have a father and a mother like everybody else, I am currently living with all boys as in My father and two younger brothers so I'm the oldest and the only girl, it's kind of depressing but you learn to live with it after thirteen years, eight months, fifteen days, twenty three hours a forty four minutes. Yeah maybe I'm wrong when I say you get used to it.

I am going to answer a bunch of questions that you guys sent me via email and I hope you get to hear your question.

Favorite movie? The maze runner (both parts)

Favorite book? Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.

Where would you go if you could travel the world? Sydney, Australia

Biggest pet peeve? Slow walkers.
Closest friends? I literally don't even have one friend.
Who is your hero? Zoe Sugg.
Dream job? A paleontologist and if you don't know what that is, it's a dinosaur scientist.

Favorite color? Black, White and Beige.

Tea or coffee? Depends, Tea normally but coffee with milk more.

Morning or night? Morning, just not on school days.

Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Favorite Disney movie? The Little Mermaid.
Where do you live? Kuwait, born and raised.

Boyfriend? Never had one and planning to not have one till I'm older.

Cat's or dog's? Cat's.
Parent you are closer to? My dad.
A life changing moment for you? Changing schools. Which didn't turn out for the good.

Something “weird” about you? Honestly I don't think you should ask me that question because there wouldn't be an exact answer, I'm about ninety-five percent weird and the other five is just for serious moments.
Favorite song? Hotel cieling by rixton.

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor.
Hobbies? Dancing, drawing and sour skittles.
Favorite cartoon of all time? The winx.
So that's all I can do for now it's almost four thirty in the morning and I gotta get some beauty sleep which consists of my comfortable new Ikea pillow, my blue blanket, my hard but comfortable mattress and the lights on because I am afraid of three things in live, starting from the least to the most horrific of them all Drowning, the dark and clowns!!! Yes I hate the things that make most people on earth laugh, I am thinking of doing either a introduction/story of my life or just doing another tag. So I want you to comment that along side the country you live in I love you guys bye!!

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