Thursday, 15 October 2015

Weight Loss

To be honest i am speaking from all time personal experience, if you're under twelve then don't care about your weight. I mean seriously I was never "fat" or "thin" I was always a normal weight and my height affected my weight for my age but i know how you always think of those skinny bikini body ready all year round girls but if you love food you just can't handle it, when you hit about the age of twelve or thirteen you actually get bored of your food phase and want to eat less so when i turned thirteen i stopped eating so much, i started eating very much less but never starving myself i just put down my portion of junk food from about one or two times a week to once a week or every other week, i started moving more, i literally used to be on the computer all day so i started getting up to do most things rather than telling the maid to do them, i started to go the gym more but not on a daily or weekly basis, we have a gym in our home so i go in whenever i'm feeling like it and stay for about a half an hour a day or something like that, so i wanted to help whoever needed it to lose the weight, let's get started!

1- Change the way you eat : Eat less than a lot and eat healthy than junk food but treat yourself once every week or two.

2- Make your daily portion of chips and candy from five to zero, but take a small chocolate once every two days or a big one once every four days.

3- Healthy breakfast ideas are grilled or toasted toast (yes there is a difference, that is what toasters are made for.) and scrambled eggs with whatever you want in it as long as it's not cheese.

4- Jumping jacks and crunches are two of the best ways to lose weight and keep toned.

5- Use "PumpUp" an awesome app that helps you get a weight loss, toning or just being healthy work out.

6- You HAVE to do Zumba and Yoga.

7- If you smoke, please please please stop, i have done it once in my life, it was awful, it was unhealthy even if it's addictive you should stay away from it.

8- Music. Music while working out or just free dancing will help you lose weight in no time.

9- Running, jogging, walking, all of them will benefit you in many ways, exercise or warm-up.

10- When you order junk food, NEVER EVER EVER super-size it.

11- No eating after nine PM, cut that habit it is what helps reduce sleep and gaining weight.

12- Granola, soft creamy yogurt and any of your favorite fruit in a bowl is a healthy and VERY tasty snack.

13- Avocado's and healthy fats. I don't have to say anything else.

Thank you for reading babes, promise I'll put something up tomorrow bye!!

Friday, 2 October 2015


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So where i live the weekend is Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday, so it is pretty awesome to say that it's finally the weekend I've had a pretty great week, on Tuesday i went to join the gymnastics team and i didn't even have to try out even though i got kicked out last year cause all the other girls were better than me but this year i didn't have to try out because the teacher said i was the only one from last years team who signed up, in fact because i was the first one i even got to hold up the try outs for the other girls, we have to get about 12 to 16 girls and we currently have six but we'll get there and i learned to play Fur Elise and i started on a new on today, FADE BY ALAN WALKER,  one person actually asked me what my hobbies are and i was like i don't know!! so they asked what clubs i joined  so i said dance but in a team, gymnastics in a team, art, music, ICT, still waiting to get a first place so i hope this year is my year.

I was supposed to be planning the 9th grade graduation this year but two other girls in the next class took that away from me so yeah whatever they're gonna do it in March even though we graduate in May, here where i live from 1st to 5th grade is elementary and 6th to 9th is intermediate and 10th to 12th is high school and considering we're going to high school next year we have to have a party so instead of a huge one where people will pay at least 50, i talked to some people and we're gonna rent a bus, go to Fridays, eat and come back to my house for a movie night so please please please comment some movies for us to watch!! I promise i'll have a couple pictures on but not of me duh. I'm gonna have a strict clothing rule, pants. I don't care what else but pants, cause we're gonna be out and dresses and skirts are uncomfortable when it comes to watching horror movies at night cause we're gonna be jumping a lot that's for sure.

So Monday is teachers day here, it is supposed to be on the 5th of September but we don't start school until about the 15th to the 27th of September and each subject departments teachers have to do a morning talk or play or anything they want, considering i'm the only one from my school who is very fluent in English cause i was in a private British school a couple of years ago, the English department took me and i have to write a little something about teachers which is pretty fun. I feel confident on stage more than off even though i have anxiety (which i'll come to on another post) i feel much more normal in costume and not myself.

Bye!! Love you!! xoxo

Saturday, 26 September 2015

17 awesome hacks

1- If you fell or hurt yourself in anyway and there's that huge bruise on the obvious spot and you have to go out tonight then just put a banana peel on the bruise for about 10 to 30 minutes and the color will just fade away.

2- If you want to heat 2 bowls in the microwave and there is no space for the other one just put a cup and put the bowl over it.

3- If you said something wrong on a voice mail just press the # button to erase and re-record the message.

4- If you want to make sure that someone is giving you all there attention just look at there legs if their facing away from you then they are not paying you much attention.

5- When you're in doubt if someone is telling the truth look at their hand gestures if there's a lot of moving then the truth is in your face.

6- For school essays don't use google instead use

7- Keep a notebook by your bed every night cause if you can't sleep because of the thoughts in your head just write them down and read them in the morning.

8- 3 mint leafs, 1/2 a lemon, 1/2 a cucumber and filtered water. That is the best solution for a headache.

9- To make more space in your suitcase just roll your clothes up and there you go.

10- To clean between the keys of your keyboard just run a post it note through them.

11- Fill a water bottle about a quarter full and freeze that then add your cold water and you get your ice water to go.

12- If you have any unscented dental floss and a cake then you can cut the cake with the floss by just adjusting the size of the cake piece you want and pressing down with the floss.

13- If you have similar keys then paint each one a different color.

14- Power went off in the house? don't worry. just get a water bottle and hold a source of light ( phone , a small lamp etc. ) and you have a very bright lamp.

15- If you are in the middle of an emergency don't yell "someone call 911" that's the bystander effect which leads to no one calling thinking that someone else did just point out someone and say "you in the [color] shirt, call 911"

16- To stop the itch from a mosquito bite just press a hot spoon to it, use the spoon you stirred your coffee with.

17- Don't go back to sleep if you wake up before your alarm goes off, you will feel much better.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sour Skittles

Sour Skittles

Let me tell you this, I'm the girl who would normally be blogging in her room in the dark, wrapped in her blanket like a burrito stuffing unsalted peanuts, pizza flavored lays chips, sour skittles and a diet coke in my mouth but today I am not in the mood for that which is honestly very shocking considering that's all I used to do before I bought the Just Dance 2015 CD and I will defiantly get into that in another post.

For reasons I can't exactly let out, I will not be saying my real name, it's actually a bummer but instead of coming up with a completely boring name I'll just go with Stranger because it's weird and random and I bet it was the first thing that came to me after McDonald's and my bed. I am Muslim you guys so please do not judge me on that, really I'm genuinely a nice person to everyone I meet, I am not against Christianity in any way so please don't be offended by anything I say.

I want to start this beautiful friendship with a great big introduction, my name is stranger I am a thirteen year old taco loving, sour skittles eating, diet coke drinking, prankster. Yes. I love pranking people, so don't mess with me. I love horror movies, dancing, sour skittles, pizza flavored Lays, McDonald's, diet coke, writing, pranking and the list can go on till after I'm buried under ground. My favorite TV shows are The vampire diaries and Days of our lives. I have a father and a mother like everybody else, I am currently living with all boys as in My father and two younger brothers so I'm the oldest and the only girl, it's kind of depressing but you learn to live with it after thirteen years, eight months, fifteen days, twenty three hours a forty four minutes. Yeah maybe I'm wrong when I say you get used to it.

I am going to answer a bunch of questions that you guys sent me via email and I hope you get to hear your question.

Favorite movie? The maze runner (both parts)

Favorite book? Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.

Where would you go if you could travel the world? Sydney, Australia

Biggest pet peeve? Slow walkers.
Closest friends? I literally don't even have one friend.
Who is your hero? Zoe Sugg.
Dream job? A paleontologist and if you don't know what that is, it's a dinosaur scientist.

Favorite color? Black, White and Beige.

Tea or coffee? Depends, Tea normally but coffee with milk more.

Morning or night? Morning, just not on school days.

Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Favorite Disney movie? The Little Mermaid.
Where do you live? Kuwait, born and raised.

Boyfriend? Never had one and planning to not have one till I'm older.

Cat's or dog's? Cat's.
Parent you are closer to? My dad.
A life changing moment for you? Changing schools. Which didn't turn out for the good.

Something “weird” about you? Honestly I don't think you should ask me that question because there wouldn't be an exact answer, I'm about ninety-five percent weird and the other five is just for serious moments.
Favorite song? Hotel cieling by rixton.

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor.
Hobbies? Dancing, drawing and sour skittles.
Favorite cartoon of all time? The winx.
So that's all I can do for now it's almost four thirty in the morning and I gotta get some beauty sleep which consists of my comfortable new Ikea pillow, my blue blanket, my hard but comfortable mattress and the lights on because I am afraid of three things in live, starting from the least to the most horrific of them all Drowning, the dark and clowns!!! Yes I hate the things that make most people on earth laugh, I am thinking of doing either a introduction/story of my life or just doing another tag. So I want you to comment that along side the country you live in I love you guys bye!!