Saturday, 26 September 2015

17 awesome hacks

1- If you fell or hurt yourself in anyway and there's that huge bruise on the obvious spot and you have to go out tonight then just put a banana peel on the bruise for about 10 to 30 minutes and the color will just fade away.

2- If you want to heat 2 bowls in the microwave and there is no space for the other one just put a cup and put the bowl over it.

3- If you said something wrong on a voice mail just press the # button to erase and re-record the message.

4- If you want to make sure that someone is giving you all there attention just look at there legs if their facing away from you then they are not paying you much attention.

5- When you're in doubt if someone is telling the truth look at their hand gestures if there's a lot of moving then the truth is in your face.

6- For school essays don't use google instead use

7- Keep a notebook by your bed every night cause if you can't sleep because of the thoughts in your head just write them down and read them in the morning.

8- 3 mint leafs, 1/2 a lemon, 1/2 a cucumber and filtered water. That is the best solution for a headache.

9- To make more space in your suitcase just roll your clothes up and there you go.

10- To clean between the keys of your keyboard just run a post it note through them.

11- Fill a water bottle about a quarter full and freeze that then add your cold water and you get your ice water to go.

12- If you have any unscented dental floss and a cake then you can cut the cake with the floss by just adjusting the size of the cake piece you want and pressing down with the floss.

13- If you have similar keys then paint each one a different color.

14- Power went off in the house? don't worry. just get a water bottle and hold a source of light ( phone , a small lamp etc. ) and you have a very bright lamp.

15- If you are in the middle of an emergency don't yell "someone call 911" that's the bystander effect which leads to no one calling thinking that someone else did just point out someone and say "you in the [color] shirt, call 911"

16- To stop the itch from a mosquito bite just press a hot spoon to it, use the spoon you stirred your coffee with.

17- Don't go back to sleep if you wake up before your alarm goes off, you will feel much better.

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